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About Us

Environmental Stewardship initiates, coordinates and implements practical programs to reduce the University’s environmental footprint and promotes a culture that values the environment and acts to protect it.  The office collaborates with students, staff and neighbors to achieve the University's sustainability goals.

Jessica M. Prata

Assistant Vice President
Ms. Prata is the Assistant Vice President in the Office of Environmental Stewardship at Columbia University in New York City.  She leads a University-wide initiative that brings together staff, students and faculty to set and achieve goals towards a...

Daniel Allalemdjian

Director, Transportation Demand Management (TDM)
Daniel Allalemdjian is the Director of Transportation Demand Management at Columbia University. His role is to establish and promote commuter initiatives that allow Columbia University staff, faculty and students to switch to alternative travel...

Helen Bielak

Operations Manager
Helen Bielak is Environmental Stewardship's Operations Manager. One of Bielak's current projects is working with Institution Recycling Network, a cooperative that works largely with educational and health care institutions, helping them...

Allie Madison Schwartz

Manager, Planning & Outreach
Allie Madison Schwartz is the Manager of Planning and Outreach for Environmental Stewardship at Columbia University. She is primarily responsible for strategic planning with key stakeholders from around the university, collecting, managing and...

Janice Erskine

Office Manager
Janice Erskine has been a Columbia University employee for 23 years. In her present position as Office Manager in  Environmental Stewardship, she manages accounts, oversees contracts and change orders, assists with communications among department...