Know Where to Throw

What to throw, and where?

Understanding proper waste segregation is crucial to a successful recycling program at Columbia. Do you know what to recycle and which is the proper bin to dispose of your waste?

What can YOU do?


Become familiar with the NYC Recycling Rules



Play the NYC Recycling Game!

Do you think you're a recycling pro? Play the Department of Sanitation's recycling game, and test your skills!



Learn about the recycling practices at Columbia




What is Columbia doing?

The more Columbia recycles, the more we save money and contribute to a sustainable environment. Environmental Stewardship works with campus partners such as Environmental Health and Safety and Columbia Facilities to improve the University's recycling efforts. In recent years, the community recycled hundreds of tons of mixed paper and cardboard, 155 tons of electronics, 45 tons of lamps, 20 tons of batteries, tens of tons of glass, metal, and plastic, and much more. Read on about Columbia's waste and recycling initiatives.