Sustainable Columbia: Earth Day 2017

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Earth Day 2017 Sustainable Columbia newsletter featured the below message from David Greenberg, Executive Vice President of Facilities and Operations:

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Earth Day edition of Sustainable Columbia.

Last Earth Day, we announced the kickoff of a University-wide sustainability planning process. Over the past year we have made significant progress, including the adoption of high-level campus sustainability principles, formation of focus teams to advance us in key areas of campus operations and energy, and creation of a Senior Sustainability Advisory Committee.
Today, I am excited to announce the next important step in our movement towards a more environmentally conscious campus - the launch of Columbia’s first Sustainability Plan, the University’s roadmap for a healthier, more sustainable campus community.
The plan, developed in consultation with a wide range of University stakeholders, builds on the University’s long-standing leadership in sustainability and sets clear goals in core areas that connect to an overarching intention to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It also creates new resources that will align Columbia’s network of schools and departments around shared goals and create opportunities for sustainable change.
Most importantly, the plan recognizes our shared responsibility to build and operate campuses that contribute to the well-being of our community and the health of our planet.

You can read the full Sustainability Plan on the new Sustainable Columbia website.  I want to thank the many students, faculty and staff who helped develop the plan, and everyone in the University community working towards a more sustainable Columbia.


David M. Greenberg
Executive Vice President
University Facilities and Operations